Our culture

 Team size and structure  

Here’s an example of how we might collaborate on a new feature:  


Recurring team events  


Campfire is a 1-hour event that happens on a monthly basis and includes the Creative Marketing and Product teams. Campfire is an opportunity to learn more about projects we haven’t seen before, get inspired by peers, give interaction, visual, brand or general feedback, and collaborate with people outside of our specific roles. 

Weekly design crits  

Each team holds their own crits. You can expect a friendly atmosphere and teammates that lead with questions and ideas.  

Visual specialist office hours  

A weekly chance for designers to share work with visual designers to get specific feedback on their UI work  

Team-specific events  

Each team also organizes its own meetings, workshops or brainstorm sessions for collaboration across design, research, and content strategy.  


Learning and education  

Dork Day  

Quarterly offsite for Chegg user experience research team to share ideas, opportunities, and laughs.

UX week  

Each year the design team organizes a week-long event to bond, learn from outside experts, and have some fun too. This year’s presentations included:

Accessibility training  

All designers, researchers, and content strategists are required to complete accessibility training to ensure our product is usable by all types of students. We have weekly working sessions where we make progress on our accessibility courses together. Required courses include: 

Ongoing workshops and speakers 

We also organize ongoing workshops with outside experts, coming up later this year we will welcome Mike Monteiro who will lead interactive sessions on Presenting Work with Confidence. We’ve also held internal trainings for tools we use including Figma, Principle, Jira, and Amplitude.


Through the program, full-time US employees get $350 and FTEs in Israel and India get $250 to spend on educational pursuits. Some team members recently used their stipends to purchase interaction design foundation memberships, online courses, and UX-related books.  

Learning stipend  

Each full-time UX team employee has $750 to spend on conference registration, training or classes each calendar year. In order to be eligible for the conference budget, employee have to be at Chegg for at least 12 months and from one of our US offices.* 


How people have grown on the team 

A few examples of some team members who have grown at Chegg:  


Career Growth Paths 

We have paths for both IC-track and manager track, check them out in our career ladder. (Note: ladders can vary across the team) 


Initiatives to advance design